How to flirt in a chat room ?

Flirting on libertine chat sites has become more and more convenient. Generally, these platforms are designed for booty calls only. This means that all the people who have registered on these sites are there for sex and not for a…

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First meeting : what not to talk about

Before you can have a stable relationship, you will have to get past that and go on dates. And on top of that, you have to make the person want to see you more than once. Therefore, you should avoid…

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Dating site : when should you see the person “for real” ?

Finding love with a dating site has become a must, regardless of age group. Indeed, dating sites offer different applications and activities to bring two people together. But is virtual dating enough to find true love? And when should you…

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Top 5 dating apps for young people

Over the years, the number of dating applications for young people has increased steadily. However, these tools, designed to make it easier to find romantic partners or friends, offer a variety of different features. Although the ultimate goal is to…

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Dating in real life : how to ask for a phone number ?

Have you ever been in a situation where you find someone you’re interested in, but you couldn’t get their phone number? It happens that we go out and meet someone who is just our type, but unfortunately it doesn’t go…

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