First meeting : what not to talk about

Before you can have a stable relationship, you will have to get past that and go on dates. And on top of that, you have to make the person want to see you more than once. Therefore, you should avoid at all costs sensitive topics that might scare her away on the first date.

Avoid talking about marriage

When you go on a first date, you should do your best to be remembered. This means doing everything you can to leave a lasting impression on your date's mind. Make the first date conversation spontaneous and natural. For this reason, do not talk about marriage because it might scare your date. So avoid too serious discussions and get to know each other. Talk about your preferences in music or literature for example. You can already find out if you have something in common or not. Talking about an unlikely future is not the best tactic on a first date, so don't do it.

Never discuss money

The second unfortunate topic to avoid on a first date is money. Whether you are rich or poor, avoid talking about your bank account on your first date. Even if you are proud of your accomplishments and have a ton of money, don't bring it up. It may intimidate the other person, or cause them to stick to you for the wrong reasons. The ideal situation would be to split the bill on a first date. This will show that you are on the same pedestal. It may even make the other person want to see you again, so don't hesitate to pay for your drink.

Don't debate politics

Sometimes it's hard to get the conversation going, and we always turn to a common topic: politics. But for a first date conversation, this topic should be excluded. Imagine, you arrive at a bar or restaurant and you are going to discuss politics. Indeed, for a first date this is not romantic. It can become heated and cause a fiasco because everyone has a different opinion on the subject. So, if you don't know who is in front of you, you will save precious time by not talking about it. Turn to lighter topics and the problem will be solved.
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