Dating sites : what are the scams to avoid ?

Published on : 10 February 20223 min reading time

While dating sites have become an excellent way to find love, many people are reluctant to take the plunge because of the scams that abound on the Internet. Indeed, these platforms are now considered a veritable stronghold for scammers seeking to extract money from vulnerable and gullible victims. In order not to fall for this type of scam, it is important to remain vigilant and to examine the situation carefully.

Suspicious behaviour to be detected

Registering on a dating website is currently the fastest way to find potential suitors (or suitors), especially if you do not have enough time to meet in real life. And yet, if you meet a pen pal and the feeling seems mutual, you can never be sure of the person on the other side of the screen.

So, once you notice inappropriate behaviour such as a hasty or excessive display of emotion, which is only after a few messages, it is best to be wary. Most of the time, scammers also try to lure you into private channels (email, network messages, etc.) or other communication media outside the site. In this case, it is best to stop the correspondence immediately, as this kind of attitude often conceals a desire to remain unnoticed.

Asking for money with the right excuses

If the person you are talking to is trying to get money from you in a virtual relationship, you should definitely turn back immediately. Of course, he or she will try to gain your trust and reassure you by claiming unmanageable personal difficulties (sick parent, expired visa, professional failure, etc.), but you must not give in.

Moreover, to avoid other members being scammed by this person, remember to report his or her profile directly to the site manager. In addition to saving yourself a lot of trouble, you will also be helping others to prevent it. In terms of dating, the rule is quite simple; don’t offer or give money to someone unless you already have an offline relationship with them.

The right things to do to avoid scams

In order to avoid all forms of scams, it is recommended to register on a reputable and secure site. This is why most Internet users looking for a serious relationship prefer to register on paid sites, as they are more selective. But even on a paid platform, you may still encounter scammers. In this case, it is important to closely examine virtual relationships that evolve too quickly.

You should also avoid giving too much information that scammers can exploit: bank details, contact details, maiden name, etc. If the person you are talking to insists on knowing more about you, beware!

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