The differences between swinging and libertarianism

Many couples today are very open-minded and indulge in different sexual practices. Some try new things to spice up their life as a couple or just out of curiosity. Among these practices there is libertarianism and swinging which interest more and more men and women. The latter may be in a couple or single. However, many people do not know the difference between libertarianism and swinging. It is thus interesting to know what is libertinage and then to see what is swinging to finish by some small councils intended for those which want to try these practices.

What is libertarianism ?

Libertarianism is a sexual practice that has existed since the dawn of time. It is rather a philosophy and a way of life that is practiced in couple or alone. Libertarianism is the acceptance of relationships that are only physical. The relationship is based on attraction or affinity without feelings, without attachment. Libertarianism is the freedom of both parties to have other partners. We can also speak of libertinage in threesomes, in mixtures or in voyeurism. The couple allows outsiders to watch their lovemaking. They too can watch the sexual activity of others and can touch each other without having sex with others.

When do we talk about swinging ?

Swinging has also been around for a long time but is often practised in sex clubs. As the name suggests, it is about exchanging partners. Swinging is more commonly referred to as couple swapping. In sex clubs, for example, there is a lot of swapping. Between couples, partners are exchanged. A woman can sleep with several men at the same time in a party. The same applies to the man, because he can sleep with several women. This can happen in the presence of both parties. Swinging is also often practised between two couples, where during a day for example, partners are exchanged with the aim of having new experiences.

Tips for those who want to try these practices

If it is a couple, it is important to talk about it. The most important thing is to agree on all points and aspects so that these practices do not end up destroying the couple through jealousy or possessiveness. The couple must therefore have an open mind and above all think about pleasure, the fact of knowing how to share and be complicit. Secondly, these practices are dangerous to health. It is necessary to ensure that each person with whom one sleeps is clean, because multiple partners are the main cause of sexual diseases.
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