Libertine guide : what you need to know before your first libertine encounter

Taking the plunge into libertarianism is a big step in your sexual life. Where do you start and what do you need to know in order to fully enjoy this experience? Indeed, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is not enough to jump in head first without having a taste of what is to come.

You will take your partner with you

For people in a couple, libertinage must be undertaken with their partner. It is an experience to be shared with your partner, if you think that this practice suits you. Moreover, it will only boost your intimate relationship. Indeed, it is important that the couple can enjoy this kind of encounter together. It would be a pity to leave the other at home, while you enjoy exquisite encounters in libertine clubs. As for the singles, they can find a partner to make the experience more memorable. If you would like more information on this subject, please visit this specialised site:

Your health will be your priority, remember to protect yourself

Sharing a sexual experience with other partners greatly increases the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In order to limit this kind of situation, before a libertine encounter, you must absolutely bring one or more boxes of condoms. Note in passing that oral sex is not very recommended as it is practiced exclusively without a condom. If a couple or a libertine offers you an exchange without protection, it is better to pass. The only relationship allowed without a condom would be with a couple you know very well after they have tested negative for STDs.

Take the first step now as a novice sex worker

To get started, you can visit a libertine website to find out about the different practices and the most popular clubs. You also have the opportunity to prepare a couple sheet and register on the platform in order to be aware of the libertine parties. In addition, you should present your profile well so that other swingers can get in touch with you more easily. However, it is advisable to avoid putting a photo of yourself showing your face. It is better to stick to the photo of your dream body. Afterwards, you can also chat with other swingers in your area and find out about possible parties in your area or elsewhere.
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